The subject of the license agreement

    The subject of this license agreement is the right to use one copy of the software product or software package produkutov created "Purver Technology" in the manner and subject to the conditions set forth in this agreement.

Software License

    Software is protected by laws and international copyright treaties, as well as other laws and treaties governing intellectual property relations. "Purver Technologies" provides you with the ability to use software you have purchased, as well as its technical support, in case of full compliance and following all the rules and conditions stipulated in this agreement.

Terms of use of the product and restrictions

    This agreement provides the right to install the software product purchased in one Internet project installed on the same domain. Creating a larger number of projects is possible only upon payment of the cost of additional websites (domains).

    The user has the right once to transfer its rights under this license agreement and a copy of the software to another end user, subject to full acceptance of all the clauses of this agreement. Such a transmission is distributed to the instance, the site database and print media materials, license certificates, as well as updates and any other components of the product. Submitting a copy of the software, the user undertakes to completely destroy all copies of the product installed on your computer, including backups. The transmission can not be performed, or indirectly through any third party. If the transfer of the software is carried out before the expiry of the support period, the user is obliged to inform us of the fact of the transfer, and provide full details of the new user to re-register the license.


    Some products use software solutions that are not covered by the current license. These solutions are available to you for free and distributed under the GNU / GPL license. This category applies to making the engine itself ocStore.

Rights and obligations of the parties

The buyer has the right to:

- Change the design and structure of the software product in accordance with the needs of your site.
- Create questions that will interact with our programming codes, indicating that it is your original product.
- Change the code of products that do not belong to the authors of the system, but supplied in the base package, in accordance with their license.

The buyer has the right to:

- To transfer the right to use the software to third parties, except as listed above in this agreement.
- Changing the structure of the program code, the program features or create related products, based on our software code, or use our software out of your site, except for the cases when you create a request to this program product described above in this agreement.
- You may not use our software to create or support terrorist network, advertise, sell, or accompanied by pirated copies of our software, or make any other form of illegal activities with the use of our intellectual property.
- Change or delete links to our copyright or links to our software from the pages of your site administrator.
- Distribute files (copies of files), graphics libraries, program codes or other system components included in our software.
- Use our product on the projects and sites directly or indirectly cause harm to authors and users of the product.

Description of other rights and restrictions

- Trademarks. This EULA grants you no rights in respect of any trade marks or names that belong to "Purver Technology" company.
- Termination of the agreement. Without prejudice to any of their rights company "Purver Technology" may terminate this Agreement for non-compliance of its conditions and restrictions.

Termination of warranty

    Our software is distributed in accordance with the condition «AS IS» (as is), without the guarantees, including guarantees of the absence of restrictions on the sale, purchase parts or whole, non-certified product. The entire risk of the commission of the transaction in relation to the quality of the product rests on you. In addition, we note that the security mechanisms that are installed on our products, have known limitations, and you must be aware of the lack of absolute guarantees hacking your site by hackers. This disclaimer is an integral part of this license agreement.


    All property rights and copyrights to the software (including, without limitation, all included in her graphics, photographs, animations, videos, sounds, music, text and additional programs), the contents of the accompanying printed materials, and any copies of the program belong "Purver Technology" company. The software product is protected by law and international copyright treaties. Your own headlines and articles, all published original materials and related rights to them, as well as material created as a result of the use of our software, are your property and are protected by law. We take no responsibility for the content of your site.

Support Terms

    Technical support is provided only to users who have purchased software product. The technical support includes answers to customer questions related to the use, management and use of the system. We do not answer questions related to writing code or system modifications in the personal order. Our warranty and technical support is not subject to the modifications made by third parties, including software code changes, style, language packages, as well as changes in these parts, made by the licensee alone. If the software is changed by you or by a third party, we may deny you support. We are not responsible for not proper operation of the system, if its functionality is fully or partially supported by the server software.

The content of the contract

    We reserve the right to publish the list of selected users of its software products. We reserve the right at any time to change the terms of this agreement, but these actions are not, and will not be retroactive. Changes to this contract will be sent to customers via e-mail to the address specified when purchasing the product. The absence of notice to users may not cause failure of the changed conditions of use of our software products.

Termination of an agreement

    This agreement shall be terminated automatically if you refuse to comply with the terms of the contract. This license agreement may be terminated by us unilaterally, in case a violation of the license agreement. After the termination of the contract you agree to destroy all your copies of our software for 36 hours.