Docs for Purver Leader


1 First steps

To run the store you need to make a one-time setup. For convenience of administration in the main menu admin panel added item Fast start, which contains quick access to change the required parameters of the store. Further recommend settings strictly in the sequence indicated below.

2 Settings of languages and currency

First and foremost you install the used in languages and currency. By default there are 5 languages:

Russian, English, French, Spanish, Italian and 3 currencies: Ruble, Euro, Dollar. If you are going to use any of this, disconnect by clicking on the link Languages and "Currency", respectively. Also you can add your language or your currency in these paragraphs.

3 The basic setup of the shop

Go to "Main store settings".  

You will have the following tabs: General, Showcase, Localization, Options, Image, FTP, Mail, Server, SMS.

  • tab Common you need to specify the title and meta data for your store, you can also select a template you want to use.

  • tab Showcase specify the name and contact information for your store.

  • tab Localization specified geographic location, unit of measure, currency and language is used by default.

  • tab Options presents advanced store settings  (Recommended to keep, you can skip this paragraph)br>
  • tab Image you need to download your store's logo and icon used as a favicon (displayed in the address bar). Also, if you decide to use a non-standard image sizes, change the dimensions for each item. (In the first column you specify image width in px, the second height in px)

  • tab FTP specifies the data for FTP access to your site (only Required for installing third-party modules or modifiers, you can skip this paragraph)br>
  • tab Email specifies how to send Email: Mail, or SMTP, if your site is planned for a very large load or your hosting provider got blacklisted email services, it is recommended to configure an SMTP (Note if you select SMTP, email address must match the address used in the tab Window.)  
    (we Recommend not to change, you can skip this step)

  • tab Server specify the settings related to the CNC shut down the website for maintenance, logging of errors, etc.  (we Recommend not to change, you can skip this step)

  • tab text shows the parameters for the alert by SMS, to use you must connect to the service providing SMS gateway each SMS sent will be charged separately. (we Recommend not to change, you can skip this step)

If you see the error "check the form Carefully for errors!" check for complete information for all fields for all languages!

4 The mode of operation of the store

In order to switch the store to a different operating mode on page Fast start select a value in the dropdown list.

the choice of 3 modes of operation of the store

  • Wholesale - in this mode the purchase of a product is not available for unregistered customers, there is no possibility to pay online, after user order, you should bill him and discuss with him all the nuances about payment shipping transport company.

  • Retail - in this mode, the buyer can register on the website or not. In any case, he will be able to pay online only, the shipping cost is automatically added to the total amount of the order. Simply put, this mode corresponds to the standard online store.

  • Retail and wholesale mode - mode combines the advantages of the two previous options. On the website there are two prices for the same item (wholesale and retail). For registered users displays the wholesale price and the payment plan, the same as the wholesale regime. For unregistered users the retail price and the ordering process is the same as in the online shop  (Selected by default)

5 Configuring the shipping and payment

Depending on the selected mode of operation of the store, you will need to specify methods of delivery and payment for retail or for wholesale buyers or for those and other. Recommend you just specify the methods for both types of buyers, if in the process of operation you decide to switch the mode of operation, this will prevent possible errors in the store.

alternately, Go to the following links and edit the required items:

  • ingredients: payment Methods for wholesale customers 
  • shipping Ways for wholesale buyers
  • you the delivery Methods for retail customers
  • Payment information
  • set up an online payment UnitPay 

as the payment service to accept online payments using UnitPay and - this service has some of the most democratic conditions. What would you began to accept payments on their website, first sign up. Then add your website to his account, after your website is moderated (usually the process takes up to 3 days), you will receive
 "Public-key" and "Secret key" you must enter in the appropriate field by clicking on the link  and "setup online payments UnitPay".

Documentation on the system UnitPay

6 To Install Yandex.Metrics and Google Analytics

In order to paste on your web page counters, you should visit the "Fast start" in the field "Paste html code" to add the code of your counter and click Save .

the Counter will automatically be present on all pages of your website.

7 What are categories and how to customize the menu ?

Category is a set of goods that the buyer perceives as similar, or products sharing. In General, a category is called a set of objects that are related in meaning. More simple and clear definition of product category in the provider context is a collection or group of products. Categories can be nested and inherit from each other. (For example, the category "Computers" may contain two child categories: "Laptops" and "Desktop PC"). In order to create a category go to admin panel "Catalog->Category->Add" or "Fast start -> Category -> Add"

To add a category you need to fill in information that is grouped into three tabs:

  • General - specifies the category name, description and other information used for SEO (For all languages).
  • Data made the basic settings category: specify the parent category (if any), on/off the display categories specified SEO-url (part of URL of the page relative to the previous section of the site), an image category, the sort order (responsible for the order of categories in the list is an integer)  etc.
  • Design - specifies the layout used for the current page. (Recommend you skip tab)

Example SEO url: Say you need to main categories to make the address: "http://site.ru/mycategory"  then in the field of SEO-the url you need to enter: "mycategory" (Without trailing slash)

To save the category, click on the "Save"button.

After you create all the required categories, it is possible to proceed to set up the main menu of the website.

You should visit the "Fast start" click on "Menu". You can create a two-tier drop down menus to display correctly on all devices we recommend to use only 1 level. This drop-down list "Level 1" select the parent menu item. The remaining fields present when adding a menu item, described earlier and should not cause issues. (Name must be filled out in all languages)

8 How to add a goods?

To add a new item click "Directory"->Goods->Add. Before adding  set all categories.

depending on the selected mode of operation of the store, the page you add can differ by the presence of the tab "Wholesale prices", which is only displayed in "Retail and wholesale". For the other modes use the tab "Data" to specify prices. 

a Short description of the tabs in the add product:

  • Total - used to specify the title,description, meta data of the product. You must fill in the data in all languages used on the site.
  • Data - used to specify the credentials about the product, including price.
  • Communications - used to specify categories and filters for the item.
  • Attributes - used to specify the attributes relating to the goods. Attributes allow you to specify the comparison parameters of the product such as color, size, etc. If you are going to use the attributes skip this tab. To learn more about the attributes you can here.
  • Options - is used to specify options relating to the goods. Options allow you to specify additional options for the product, they are also able to realize selecting from a list, or the user can specify its own version. If you are going to use the options skip this tab. To learn more about options you can here.
  • Wholesale prices (Discounts)  - in this section you can add the wholesale price of the product in the event the operation of the store in "Retail and wholesale"mode if you are using a different mode of operation, then this tab will be called "Discounts" and will allow you to configure different cost of goods for authorized users and visitors of your site.
  • Shares - in this section you can also set different prices for logged-in users and visitors of your site, but with the possibility of time limitation of actions. If you are going to carry out distribution of this product for the shares or markdown,  skip this tab.
  • Images - used to specify all of the product images.
  • Bonus points - if you are going to use balneochemical system, skip this tab.
  • Design - used to set the layout. Recommend to leave unchanged.

9 How to attach stickers to the product?

Stickers are used for visual selection of the goods from the General group of products.  a Sample sticker is shown below.

our database is already defined more than 30 stickers, but if you don't find it necessary and decide to use your sticker, then go to the menu admin panel "Directory"->"stickers"->"stickers"->"Add".

in order to bind the sticker to the item, go to "Directory"->"stickers"->"Snap sticker to the product"->"Add".

Start typing the name or item number in the Item box and a tooltip will appear with the selection of the correct product.

10 How to work with the unloading of goods?

the Products are unloaded automatically all categories (unloaded from all pages). When uploading exported the current data that is displayed on the screen (price, language, currency), it is necessary to consider this fact for sites that use all the functionality, in particular the price for authorized users and guests different. If you for example want to upload a catalog with wholesale prices, first login at the website, and then start unloading. Or if you want to upload the directory in euros, select the Euro as the currency on the website.

Tick marked fields you want to export. In the description field optionally, you can specify your text to be appended to the end of the description of each item. You can add the margin on goods as a percentage and in absolute value of the currency. You can also choose the method of rounding, the total price after the markup. Using the tab "Options" it is possible to upload the options of goods, for example "Size" or "Color".


  • it is Recommended to upload a category contains up to 100 items.
  • To discharge the social network, the dimensions of the image of the product must be greater than 400x400 px
  • Products do not have images or does not comply with the previous condition is not unloaded.
  • To unload goods in the group "VK", the user must have allow the addition of rights and the unit must be turned Products
  • To upload photo albums  group in the "Classmates", the user must have allow the addition of rights.
  • For performing discharge in the social network to the end to make adding tasks to the queue, the last step of the procedure is the indication of your email address which at the end of discharge you will receive a message about the number of the unloaded product. (In case of any error in the subject line will contain the description)